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The Journey Into Birth Work Has Never Been Easier

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At the Pacific Birth Institute, we are committed to bringing birth back into the community by bringing the community back into the world of birth.


The answer to the maternal mortality crisis and the national physician crisis is the immediate safe return of low-risk birth back into the community setting. That means we need everyone (that means YOU!) who has ever felt the call to work with birthing families to answer it now and start saving lives by becoming valuable members of the community birth team.

How, you ask?

We are proud to introduce you to our Birth Assistant Training Program. This fully online, 50-hour, three-course program can be completed at your own pace, making it easy to make birth work actually work into your life today. The long on-call hours and lifestyles of midwives and doulas are not for everyone, and that is where our training comes in. We are offering a new way to access community birth work in a way that you can schedule into your life now.


We're making it easy to get started.


Take your birth knowledge to the next level.

Our easy to follow online curriculum provides you with the education and comprehensive skills knowledge needed to become a highly valuable birth assistant and right-hand to the community midwives near you.  

  • Have you always wanted to get into birth, but it was never the right time?
  • Are you a new midwifery student, wanting to impress your future preceptors and maybe make some money as a paid assistant while working on your CPM or CNM?
  • Have you wondered if birth work was even for you, and didn’t want to commit to the 24/7 lifestyle of a full time midwife or doula student to find out?

Our curriculum is targeted to help novice and skilled healthcare professionals alike excel in the sacred role of a midwife’s birth assistant in their community birth scene. 

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Assist Midwives with Water Birth
Learn about Placentas and Birth
Assist midwives in delivering babies

Support Birthing Families & Grow Your Career

Our Birth Assistant Training Program is comprised of three courses: the Prerequisite Course, the Basics Course, and the Advanced Course. Together, these courses comprise a 50-hour online, comprehensive, skills- and scenario-based education that prepares graduates to assist either Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) or Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) working in the community birth setting immediately. All graduates of the program will meet current online compliance training and regulatory standards of CABC and AABC. 

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Support midwives throughout labor
Assist with newborn exams
Support birthing families

Are you ready to learn about...

  • The intricacies of community birth and pregnancy specific anatomy and physiology?
  • Assessing maternal, fetal, and newborn vital signs and wellness?
  • IV insertions, Shoulder Dystocia release techniques, Maternal Hemorrhage management, and more?
Don't wait - become an extremely well-educated and competent birth assistant today! 
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Our Story 

Jenn and Jess met in the trenches of midwifery when Jess was brought on as Jenn's new apprentice in 2015. After a 3 year apprenticeship full of new ideas, techniques, research, and thousands of hours of content creation (on top of about 150 births), the seed for the Pacific Birth Institute was planted and began to root and grow. We are midwives that burn with social justice, that are on fire with life and the welcoming of life into the world. We are women who uplift birthing people and families every day and love it. The Pacific Birth Institute is our home to channel our big picture ideas for 

  • power-with vs power-over leadership and development, 
  • sovereignty and birth justice, 
  • the grassroots, community-driven, culturally-matched, evidence-based, and trauma-informed safe return of low-risk birth back into the arms of the community, and
  • midwifery and community birth sustainability in the 21st century. We are committed to being a positive force of change for the betterment of lifestyle and livelihoods for aspiring and licensed community birth providers by providing accessible, scalable, and sustainable education and training infrastructure that helps all providers earn money at all stages of their training. 

    We are community midwives in the rural state of Alaska. We see how being in the trenches of midwifery is just one way to be the change we want to see in the world, and these trenches need some work if we want community birth to thrive, not just survive. Our story continually unfolds as we grow our Institute, but the motivation for culturally-matched, trauma-informed, evidence-based care and education access for birthing people and their providers in every town in the nation (and world) is our guiding light for program development and growth.
The Pacific Birth Midwife Team
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